Guitar Design Challenge

Hey guys, did you notice that all guitars look like Fender or Gibson or Martin?

I'm looking for ispiration for new guitar design. Innovative in shapes, in sound and in building solutions.

sybaris guitar This is a first project idea!

Required Features.

This section is working progress but I can realistic say that my ideal guitar in similar to this.

  • Headless Guitar Advantages

    Less mass at headstock means less vibration damping and increase sustain.

  • Mahogany-Carbon Fiber Neck

    A multilayer mahogany with carbon fiber reinforcements decreases neck flexion.

  • Semi Hollwbody

    A sandwich hollowbody construction make guitar rich of natural harmonics.

  • Under Bridge Tuners

    Less stress for strings completly alligned from nut to bridge until tuner.

iPhone mockup
  • Adjustable Height String

    Get your own personal playing comfort and eliminates annoying buzz.

  • 24 Fret Keyboard

    Long scale donates a complete playability on all guitar keyboard.

  • Custom Pickups

    Emphasize attack of pick against the strings and keep even high gain sounds nice and defined.

  • Solderless Electronics

    Solderless connections simplify installation process and overall cleanliness.

Who is inspiring my mind?

Beautiful guitars that are inspiring my project

1 - RelishGuitars

Unique sound and extensive sustain with combination of the materials and its construction.
A sandwich hollowbody donate different vibrances in different way then on any other guitar.

2 - Paradis Guitars

Really masterpice of guitar making by swiss luthier Rolf Spuller with Matthias Grob onboard electronics. This guitar was for me an authentic revelation when I heard for the first time Italian singer Pino Daniele.

3 - B&G Guitars

B&G Guitars are result of a meticulous study of golden age classical instruments models made from early 20's to the mid 50's with sound of timeless classical rock&blues songs.
All parts from pickups to brass hardware are handcrafted.

Who is involved on this project?

Vincenzo Antedoro

Hi, I'm an esperienced mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and technical teacher.

I was born and grown in south of Italy. In my challenge of creativity, I was ispired from near ancient greek culture and mediterranean in general. I build a professional curriculum in mechanical engineering study. My’s career in Mechanical designs spans 15 years, during I was involved in several projects. Now I’m a teacher of mechanical technology and i'm involved on innovating guitar building...