Who Is Involved on This Project?

Hi, I’m Vincenzo Antedoro the person who started this project. Formaly I’m a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and technical teacher.

I love design and technical making as well as music and stringed instruments sound. I have always been inspired by beautiful and functional things that are naturally confortable by design and that are usable without any effort.

I have always appreciated the sense of Beauty and Creativity of classical Greek culture that has left immeasurable examples of art in my country (Italy). So naturally in my challenge of creativity, I was ispired from near ancient greek culture and mediterranean in general.

During my growth as an engineer I have learned lean startup method so I know that every innovation must pass through user evaluation experience to be fully adopted.

Therefore in this project I will adopt all the techniques and experiences I have accumulated so far in order to create my ideal guitar.

Vincenzo Antedoro