Sybaris Required Features

Sybaris Required Features

This project was born to solve some of my needs of my guitar playing.

The introduction of each new feature or technical solution must be subjected to verification according to the lean startup method, therefore each feature of this project must be considered as under development, subject to change or rejected.

I will try to briefly summarize the reasons for each technical choice that I want to implement in this project.

This section is working progress but I can realistic say that my ideal guitar is similar to this.

  • 24 Fret Keyboard - Long scale donates a complete playability on all guitar keyboard.
  • Headless Guitar Advantages - Less mass at headstock means less vibration damping and increase sustain.
  • Low D string - Possibility to low of one tone six string from E to D.
  • Mahogany-Carbon Fiber Neck - A multilayer mahogany with carbon fiber reinforcements decreases neck flexion.
  • Semi Hollwbody - A sandwich hollowbody construction make guitar rich of natural harmonics.
  • Adjustable Height String - Get your own personal playing comfort and eliminates annoying buzz.
  • Custom Pickups - Emphasize attack of pick against the strings and keep even high gain sounds nice and defined.
  • Solderless Electronic Solderless connections simplify installation process and overall cleanliness.
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Hi, I’m Vincenzo Antedoro the person who started this project.

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