Who Is Inspiring My Mind

Who Is Inspiring My Mind

Beautiful guitars that are inspiring my project

My intent to design and build my ideal guitar is inspired by the work of some exceptional craftsmen who have made some of the finest guitars seen in recent years. This is my personal ranking.

  1. Rolf Spuler and Paradis Guitars

One of the most influential inspirers of my work is the Swiss luthier Rolf Spuler who had the talent to innovate in a very conservative field by combining technical innovation with art. Rolf Spuler together with the talented engineer Matthias Grob has produced over the years about 300 guitars and basses each a artwork.

Rolf Spuler wanted to build an acoustic guitar with nylon or metal strings that sounded natural at every volume. Therefore he founded with Mathias Grob the Paradis Guitars atelier in Switzerland in 1984. The original idea is to build a semi-solidbody guitar with nylon strings. With mahogany body and rosewood neck all one with the fingerboard.

The strings are knotted on the neck side and tuner keys are inserted inside the body of the instrument. Every individual string saddles is height adjustable to improve intonation and sitting on long slots of Rosewood

The neck is equipped with a strange mechanism never seen before with which it is possible to lower tuning the low E by one tone bringing it to D with the addition of two frets. Strings are also individually adjustable in height relative to the fingerboard.

But above all Paradis Avalon can be connected to the Paradis Polysubbass, an octaver multiplier that doubles last 3 low bass strings and make this guitar sound awesome.

Paradis Guitars

  1. RelishGuitars

At Relish Guitars there is a group of guys who are innovating the lutherie sector by thinking outside the box. They created instruments with a unique sound and extensive sustain with combination of the materials and construction.

A sandwich hollowbody with alimunium frame inside donate different vibrances and an unparalleled tone range.

Impresses the clean design and construction quality combined with the modular structure of its components. For example, it is possible to change the pickups without any modification since they are not screwed but magnically positioned in their housing. Or the volume&tone controls which have touch technology embedded on the top of the body. The unique playability, volume and power of the sound in their pickups are unparalleled.

  1. B&G Guitars

B&G Guitars proves that it is possible to innovate and produce a superlative instrument by enhancing what has been great in the past.

The two Israeli luthiers Eliran Barashi & Yotam (Kiki) Goldstein meticulously searched for the mythical sound of golden age classical instruments models made from early 20’s to the mid 50’s with sound of timeless classical rock&blues songs.

In order to create the best sounding guitars they make everything themselves. All parts from pickups to brass hardware are handcrafted. They wind pickups and cast brass hardware. At B&G Guitars are continusly search for nitro lacquer and glue to recreate mixtures of 20’s age. Also used are rare quality wood strains such as Ziricote, Koa, Genuine Mahogany, Pau Ferro and Eastern Maple.

B&G guitars outside the labs are ready to be “plug in & play” connected directly to apm without any other device.

I love their approach and their guitars!

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