Frequently Asked Questions

I design a Paradis guitar shape and some other cool tecnical features introduced by Rolf Spuler on it’s Paradis but I’m introducion other new features like aluminium sandwich semi-hollwbody, motorized under-bridge tuners, mahogany-carbonfiber neck and solderless electronics that make this guitar different from any other.

Now I’m developing step. Subscribe to my newsletter (link) to be informed about development growth and when Sybaris it’s available.

Consider that this guitar will have an aluminium-wood sandwich body and an innovative tuning system so from a first estimate I cannot go below 3000-3500 euros.

A traditional tuners are mounted inside the body but I am developing a motorized system to automatically tune the guitar with one touch.

The guitar is equipped with an innovative headless system designed by Rolf Spuler in his Paradis that allows you to lower the low E by one tone that enable to play a D on the sixth string simply by touching a button.

No. Now I’m designig a guitar with desidered features. If you want to know more visit my home page and read last blog posts.

I’m still developing guitar design but as soon as I have a working product it may be that I will activate an endorsement program.